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Default Re: Health Insurance

Boy, was I falsely informed.

I thought Health Insurance reform was not only about making it more affordable through a government option, but ALSO about providing medical care for those who can't afford it at all, but it's not.

That's all I was hearing.

EVERY AMERICAN should have access to medical care; over and over and over again.

However, it's not about providing health insurance to those who can't afford it at all.

It's about making it more affordable through a government OPTION for those who can't afford to pay the high costs of PRIVATE health insurance.

Oh, and by the way, if the BILL is passed, it'll take four years before the reform is put in place.

I TOTALLY and COMPLETELY disagree with OBAMA's plan that every American be required to have health insurance just as we are required to have automobile insurance if we operate a motor vehicle.

What about POOR people, OBAMA, who are economically unable to purchase health insurance?

Will the government provide health insurance for them; give them a pass or throw them in jail when they show up in the ER and can't provide proof of coverage?

That is a most ridiculous proposal.

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