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Default Re: Health Insurance

I have a suggestion.

Instead of all this bantering back and forth for a century about health care reform, how 'bout JUST passing legislation that disallows health insurance companies from denying coverage to those persons who have pre-existing conditions?

Who doesn't have a pre-existing condition?

It's almost impossible.

Since the government regulates most every other corporation, how 'bout regulating the health insurance industry; the cost of premiums and the ability for health insurance companies to deny one coverage due to a pre-existing condition or dropping an insured after they've been diagnosed with a catastrophic illness?

Why is a total overhaul of the health insurance industry required before legislation to this degree can be passed?


Because, in this way, the CONGRESS and the President make it appear that these goals are not achievable unless total reform is accomplished and this is the reason why total reform has been struck down every time it has been proposed.

The health insurance industry is about as corrupt as the pharmaceutical companies and every other industry/corporation that generates billions of dollars for Wall Street.

Congress protects these industries.

Do you suppose that if one of our Congress people had a pre-existing condition they would be denied health care?

Do you suppose if one of our Congress people had a catastrophic illness, their insurance company would drop them?

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