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Thats the trouble...people are so tired and working in meaningless jobs that they have no energy to look after themselves.

Often food is a reward for doing things you hate...which usually means snack/crap food.

I've had 2 really bad experiences with MSG in the last 2 weeks. I've been low on cash and eating instant soups and manufactured smoked the ton...could'nt satisfy my hunger and found myself INCREDIBLY irritable and depressed.

Mono Sodium Glutamate is poisen! My friend used to fatten rats up on it and then introduce tumours afterwards when he was a undergrad, bio science.

I'm pretty sure it's "SALT 451" on the back of the food label.

O, oh...666 posts...i could quickly add another one...but then, the devil got into me and i think i'll leave it for a day or 2. Just to annoy the people who PM and reckon i'm an agent of Goldstein.
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