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Default Re: is ONBOARD! AWESOME!

I clicked on the "POLITICS" header and a video appeared with the title:


Can't play the video because of the following message:

"This video has been removed due to terms of use violation."

FYI, I highly doubt most people have any knowledge of the CFR and, therefore, couldn't care less that Obama is a member.

You can count me in on those who couldn't care less that Obama is a member of the CFR.

We have an eight year on-going war in Afghanistan and Iraq that I cannot JUSTIFY.

I care more about the men and women in our military who are being used to fight these BOGUS wars for the POWERS that BE in order to assist them in achieving their goals which are NOT about providing freedom and/or security to any one NATION or people in the world than I do about whether or not Obama is a member of the CFR.

These wars were conveniently orchestrated due to 911, which was conveniently orchestrated by the SECRET government.

These wars aren't about protecting the security of the USA.

These wars are about OIL and HEROIN.

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