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Default Re: is ONBOARD! AWESOME!

Originally Posted by GoNewsNOW View Post are correct on all counts! Thanks for the heads up on the dead link due to "use Violations" care of youtube! i will address this immediately. And to be specific...the only reason to even mention that Obama is a member of the CFR is to remind folks that the human toll in terms of the two illegal wars is not necessarilty the focus of Obama and his Admin. The CFR has a agenda that has specific goals...and saving human lives and military personnel is not in the the top-10 of them. So I agree with you and thank you again for your clarity and knowing. Truly, Kevin GoNewsNOW Conspiracy News Videos Research Interviews The Truth BEHIND the News!

You're right.

The CFR is NOT about foreign relations.

It's about FOREIGN takeover.

While you're addressing the matter of the dead link, it would be wise to address with the commentator, KEVIN, that the issues of which we speak are not a laughing matter.

We don't need another Bill Maher providing comedy relief.
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