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Default Re: I didn't believe it until today

Who said I only look at evidence on forums? I admit I don't buy the many, many books that are published each year that alledge to provide compelling evidence. I seriously doubt reading them would sway me as I know full well those books will be biased to the hilt and that there will not be one jot of self critique in them. I want to hear both sides, like any sane person would. Seems to be different for conspiracy fans. They have provided me with all kinds of webpages and clues. None of them came up to scrutiny. I spent a year of my life looking it, and I wasn't impressed much. I defeated their arguments over and over BECAUSE they did not spend one second checking their supposed facts.

I don't know if any of it is true. It might be, and I'm sure the government get up to all kinds of stuff we don't see. But if nobody can prove it then why believe? I prefer to reserve my anger for stuff that I know is real.
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