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Default Re: Are the Masons evil?

No, my masonic friend, I left ATS because you and your masonic friends within that site banned me when I got too close to the truth. I was invited back but kindly told them to stick their invite where the sun don't shine.
Masons are pathetic. You want to continue this charade that your all about charity and so on, but when anyone asks you and your fellow occultists difficult questions you retreat and accuse people not taken in by your cult of being unfair or biased against the freemasons. . . Tell me , if this is the case why is that every belief system, every church worth mentioning is solid in their belief that you're anti christian? Not everyone is taken by the masonic lies. . . The weight of evidence against your cult is growing and sooner or later you will be seen for what you are. An elitist sect who feel they can manipulate history in their favour.
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