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Default Re: There is NO Masonic Conspiracy...

Originally Posted by Mintwithahole. View Post
I'm not accusing you of lieing but you have bought into this whole masonic nonsense hook line and sinker!!! The reason you attempt to protect your cult is because you believe these people have made you a better man purely because you wear an apron and white gloves, call each other brother and self congratulate each other almost on a daily basis. Why would you do that? More importantly, why do you need that? What have you done to yourself. . ?
Break free of your masonic beliefs and see what is going on. . . By being a mason you become part of the problem. What problem, you say? Well, you're here on a conspiracy forum because you must realise that there's something going on that is being hidden from the general public. As a mason you are actively being part of that problem.
KSigMason is posting on a conspiracy forum that doesn't embrace Freemasonry because he's trying to defend the "CULT" to which he belongs, so, that, in the process, he can convince himself that Freemasonry is a good and charitable organization.
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