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Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Nothing was pulled apart.

In that respect, consider that you are unable to identify good logic from bad logic.
If being careless with your info and being too careful with it are both suspicious then you cannot avoid being suspicious. Terrorists want it to be known that it was their organisation that commited the attack so don't be surprised if the authorities find out pretty quickly.

But the luggage in the 9/11 case, I admit, has further ramifications that need looking at; it would be an odd coincidence if the terrorist's luggage was the ONLY item that didn't make it on to the plane. If most of the luggage hadn't made it on then we could forgive that. If the excuse it didn't get on the plane truly is that there was no time, then that also would be odd IF it is true that the plane had plenty of time before it took off.

But how do we confirm any of this? When all we can do is google and bring up biased websites?
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