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Default The International Fit Up Of Iran. . .

It's now becoming increasingly obvious that the next war in the middle east will be waged against Iran. The reason? Their unwillingness to obey the United Nations and continue to develop their nuclear ambitions. However, Iran has always stated that their new nuclear developments are there to provide their people with cheap electricity while the rest of the world keeps being told that they are out to create weapons of mass destruction to use against neighbouring countries. The US President and British Prime Minister are openly lieing when they say that Iran hadn't informed them of their new fascilities. In truth, they didn't have to inform the UN of their existence for another year at least!
For anyone who followed the nonsense leading up to the first Gulf War, the exact same situation is unfolding again. . . The USA, Uk and France are creating a problem which simply doesn't exist because they want to go to war against Iran.
Let's hope that common sense wins?

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