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Default Re: 10 Things The Government Does Not Want You To Know About Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine

As I asked regarding the Gardasil vaccine that supposedly PREVENTS HPV.

How can a vaccine be advertised to prevent a specific illness/disease when it cannot possibly be known that any of the TEST SUBJECTS upon whom the vaccine has supposedly been tested will present with the specific disease/illness at a future date in time?

This would be, in essence, to predict the future health of a test subject.

IMO, this is impossible, scientifcially or otherwise, unless you believe in crystal balls.

The pharmaceutical companies do not advertise that these vaccines CURE a specific disease/illness.

They advertise that the vaccines PREVENT a specific disease/illness.

A vaccine that CURES a specific disease/illness would have been tested under a different scenario.

They would have been tested on those subjects who HAVE the specific disease/illness.

The test subjects would have been monitored until they presented without symptoms.

The vaccines of which we speak are advertised as a PREVENTION for a specific disease/illness and not a CURE.

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