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Default Re: Was Christ A Mere Prophet Or God? Excellent Book On Subject.

True believer,

I think I disagree with you about caring for what people believe. I do.
Most animosity against proselitysing comes from the fact that people want to control other people thru their religion. Unfortunately, this is a fact in most of the times.
However, not always. In my case, my only motivation is to see God being glorified and people happy. I come from a Spiritist/Catholic family, and I have experienced firsthand the consequences of a life without Jesus. Spiritism destroyed my father's family.
So I see people butting their heads, confused, and I feel sorry for them. I wish they could have the assurance and faith that I have, falty as it may be.
I make no money, I don`t control anything and I personally gain nothing at all when a person comes to Christ, apart from this internal satisfaction of seeing someone saved.
In fact, I expect Christians to face more and more persecution, so I don`t think that having large numbers of Christians will help much either in a material sense.
Just wanted to drop a note so you could see that there are other motivations for evangelism other than control.
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