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However...Japanese people eats LOTS of MSG in everything (Aji-No-Moto) and they have much better health than Westerners.
North Americans eat so badly because fruits and vegetables are so expensive and they don`t eat it. Junk food is much cheaper. When I lived in the US I was amazed to see how many people suffered from weird diseases that we NEVER see here in Brazil, especially degeneration of muscles and young people !
I find it sad that Americans waste much of their time saying that milk is bad, sugar is bad, etc...turn on the radio on Saturday and thats all you hear. Total paranoia. A diverse, natural diet is all you need to keep healthy. Some sugar in moderate quantities, some milk, fruits, vegetables, meat. Add some fiber from natural grains and you are set. No big deal at all.

The real problem is that the food industry is controlled by corrupt companies like ADM that sell all the raw materials to make crap food. Monsanto also manipulates the food industry to make huge profits. Read "Fast Food Nation" to get an idea of why Americans are being poisoned.

I just watched a reality TV show last night where an American couple (both MDs) were eating canned chili for dinner. Come on, both of them MDs, millionaires, and eating CANNED CHILI ! And you spend your time trying to fight good old, natural sugar cane sugar.
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