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Default Re: Hey Guys! Im TheTruCoop

My uncle was hybernian (an order of freemsons) they would take us to some type of masonic function this is where they would take us behind a black curtain and molest us. In grade school a classmate drugged me when I went with him and his father to get a deer butchered. They drugged me and raped me in a cabin in the woods. This is the guy I informed the police later in life and they watched him and caught him molesting a neighbor kid. I had a friend (or so I thought) that drugged me and him his dad his mom and sister raped me ( I will not go into details it hurts too much). When I visited my brother on the Penn campus at the age of 17 he drugged me and the skull and bones type of fraternity raped me and made me watch them rape a girl. They would force my eyes open and make me watch, There is a book written about how they do this but I can no longer find the web site and get the title of the book. If anyone knows the title of the book please tell me I need to read it or try to read it. It will be most painful. With all the people in here that are against this type of thing I am praying to Jesus I find the title of the book.
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