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Default Re: Fighting the NWO is a SPIRITUAL war

Hi Peter,

I have been researching about the NWO Illuminatis and have found many many discoveries that is mind blowing on how close to the end of the world we are.

It is so amazing how God is so simple and so faithful to us when we need him. (Matthew 7:7)
Your testimony is powerful and it is an awesome thing that you took the step of faith in seeking God for help in finding demons in you... You have to remain praying now and seeking God even more because once you begin leaving God aside these demons will begin trying to come back inside of you, the radio will start playing your favorite songs that have spells in them, the tv, your mind will begin playing tricks on you if you are not vigillant. Your eyes have open and now you have to be careful how you use it.

"Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as
a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"
1 Peter 5:8

I used to listen to alot of secular music as well and after we give it up we understand how much power it takes over us.
I used to listen to alot of rap, pop, rock.
and I was beginning to become more and more violent and rude, i had a period of depression, a period of drugs and alcohol, and that is all that secular music is... leads you to destruction. One day I realized that I had to give them up when I was having an encounter with the Holy Spirit in my room.
Then a second time came where I was not vigilant and would download only romantic songs then next thing I knew I had all sorts of rap, rock, and pop again.. I was cursing and the violent/depressed nature had came back and I was weak in my faith where I would not even seek the Lord anymore... so once again I gave it up and have been sober of secular music for good... the devil tries to remind me of some songs I used to like and sometimes I even listen to it but then i have to rebuke myself from downloading it or continue to listen to them. Sometimes God shows me one or two songs or artists I used to listen to has a pact with the devil and are illuminatis.

I have seen videos where omario and rihanna are giving themselves into satanism where baphomet is all over their videos. So I definitely believe that before any secular song is remixed or any video is put together there is an offer for spells being casted and satanist directors involved.
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