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Default Re: To My UK Friends

I appreciate the empathy mate, but the last time I checked "the home of the free and righteous" was heading head-long into a state of quasi-fascist destitution, where the only right that was left was the "right" for the ignorant and impressionable to be exploited by the rich and the fanatical. I think you've got more to worry about than us at the minute. But then again... the majority of my perception in recent times of the US has come from sites and articles like these, so hey! What the hell do I know?

And that's my entire point. Unless you live in a certain place for an extensive period, you've got no choice but to go by what you read, see and hear, and this, ultimately, can lead to a very warped outlook on the world. Sure, a lot of what you read probably does has some degree of substance to it. But the majority of it is sensationalism or just plain lazy journalism. People love to twist facts, hide stats and exaggerate stories for the appeasement of their personal agenda and ego (hell, Tony Blair made a career out of it!). It fills column inches, and people will always rather believe in the more elaborate than the mediocrity of monotony.

So lets just make a few things clear. Sure, like all complex societies, there are issues. The UK is no utopia, let me tell you. There's unemployment, crime, there are more cameras than there are people and the level of political correctness (I.E. intellectual oppression) and state-bureaucratic-intrusion meets no bounds! The weather is lousy, the people are brought up to be fat, undisciplined, unenlightened fodder and my premiership team (West Ham United, AKA The pride of the east end!) are doing shite. My penis is small, my head balding (I'm 22) and I suffer from bouts of extreme, uncompromising anger as the result of an inferiority complex that I have recently developed. But hey, it could be worst. I could be german!

With all it's faults though, there are a thousand more things that remind me of how fortunate we all really are. Like central heating for instance! And food! And warmth! And electricity! And brown sauce! Totalitarian state? Don't make me laugh! Make Iran blush you do!
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