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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

Hello german dude...

Thanx for sharing.
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WTF mate?

Thank you for valiant efforts for sake of truth - much appreciated. Good news spreads fast and bad news spreads faster.

Any info on the Greater Halifax Partnership's invovement in said fiasco?

G8 Finance ministers met here summer before 911 and summer after. Bushy boy recently left his calling card on the door.

Call me paranoid and the police call Halifax, the rug. Everything gets swept under here.

All the world loves a Canadian and I fear for the safety of Halifax as I have recently learned we are building nukes here at Dalhousie University. There are German Arms manufacturers, American military and all sorts involved.

It was here, in Halifax, I learned two days prior to said event that on day finance minister, now PM delievers oil budget, post 911, bomb will go off, New York harbour - same day. The two events were tied by Canadian government. Two days later, it happened. Why is sleepy Halifax, Nova Scotia so in the know?

WTF mate? Am I being paranoid?

Mary XXX
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