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Default Re: Is Bruce Springsteen Gay?

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Who does Springsteen have his lips locked with in the post by PAC on this page?

Is that Clarence Clemens?

I would imagine so.

He has a saxaphone in his hand.

BTX • View topic - for the ladies-how can a poor fan stand such pics ...? 2
Click on the link.

The message is that the requested topic does not exist.


This is wrong because the thread entitled, "For the Ladies" (as above) over at BTX still lives and this is from wherein the picture of Springsteen and Clemens locking lips in a passionate kiss on stage was posted.

So, I assume that SOMEONE doesn't want this picture to be viewed and has blocked it.

I have no clue why they would want to block this picture, because, I, like everyone else, knows that all Heterosexual men engage in passionate kisses with other men while ON STAGE performing for an audience or otherwise.

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