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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by KSigMason View Post
Blue, Mint

Believe what you want, but you no nothing of the Craft nor do you know me so your words change nothing.

I come on here out of sheer boredom and out of the want to fight against liars.
Maybe you're the liar.

Lying to yourself that Freemasonry is a CRAFT.

You wouldn't come here out of sheer boredom if you'd spend more time with your girlfriend and less time trying to prove on this forum that you aren't just a low man on the totem pole of Freemasonry, but someone who knows all.

Like I said, over and over and over again, you KNOW NOTHING of significance and/or importance about the Freemason "secret" society.

They've only brainwashed you into believing that you do.

That's why you come here.

"Useful idiot."

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