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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Couldn't agree with Mint more, KSigMason.

Can't find his post to you wherein he questions the following, but it's on this thread or another Freemasonry thread somewhere on this forum.

Mint asks whether or not you seriously think that your Freemason brothers who are above you and not a low man on the totem pole, as you are, do not harbor secrets of the cult to which you are unaware.


Do you think you know all about that which the Freemasonry higher-ups are involved with?

Certainly, they've informed you as to all of their activities since the inception of this SOCIETY, and, they clearly come to you for approval as to their daily activities, don't they?

You act as if you are privy to some important secrets about this cult and, as I've said, over and over and over again, you know nothing of IMPORTANCE.

The higher-ups who initiated you have made you believe through brainwashing that you are in possession of some FABULOUS secrets about this CULT that have been entrusted to you as a member and, if you reveal them, you will lose all dignity and honor.

This makes you feel SPECIAL, doesn't it?


Just what they wanted.

This is what also keeps your allegiance to cult.

Their secrets are safe with you.

You are SPECIAL!

Unless you are in possession of information regarding IMMORAL acts committed by members of this SOCIETY and/or you, yourself, have committed immoral acts, there is no other reason why you would be rendered void of dignity and honor if you revealed them.

Otherwise, who the hell cares about whatever Freemasonry secrets you have sworn to protect?

Not me!

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