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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

There is nothing good about the NWO I'm sorry to say. We would all love to believe our government is trying to make the world a better plece for us but it couldn't be further from the truth. We are being used for food and resources. We are nothing more than a monetary product to the ilite. These world leaders aren't who they appear to be and this great global plan to bring everyone under the same government is nothing more than the biggest political deceprtion of all. Eliminating war and debt is nothing but an idea used as bait and guess what, everyone is going for it hook line and sinker. I swear people will beleive anything they hear from media or the mouths of these non human agents disguised as word leaders' politicians and freemasons. There will always be war and conflict as long as they remain in power. And when it is not war on thy neighbor it mark my words it will be an exterior threat they wage war against, ie an alien threat or een true creator god him/herself And the longer you wait to empower yourselves with true knowledge and real insight the smaller your window of opportunity will get to sort the lies from the truth and elighten yourself not only with knowledge but with a true connection to the source of life. It's only paranoia if it's not true. And I have experienced first hand contact with members of a galactic federation working primarily on the side of nature and humanity. These conspiracies are not theories., They are real. I have been shown first hand the things that take place in and around the dimensions of this planet and have also been awakened and endowed with my own insight and power to the point of which it was revealed to me that there has been intergration of highly evolved species into my bloodline as well as many other humans who remain unaware of their origin and true nature. If you want our help then you must exept the truth and stopp gobbling up the lies. As far as the new world order, We are talking about reducing the worlds population by up to 70%. AND THEY DONT NEED PERMISSION FROM US to put this plan into effect. It already is. Do not trust ANYTHING you hear from your world leaders' military or popliticians.
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