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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Tell me some Freemasonry secret, KSigMason, that makes my jaw drop.

Otherwise, I couldn't care less about those secrets which you profess to know about Freemasonry that I don't.
Conveniently, KSigMason has ignored my question.

As I've said, any secrets about Freemasonry that KSigMason possesses and keeps from the rest of us who aren't Freemasons are of no interest to anyone.

The Freemason higher up's who swore KSigMason to secrecy would never reveal the true secrets about this CULT to a low man on the totem pole.

The OATH ritual is used to make a new initiate feel important and obedient to the society.
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