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Default Re: 10 Things The Government Does Not Want You To Know About Swine Flu (H1N1) Vaccine

I'm not going to deny that pharm corps. don't try to play up the need for "vaccines" but they definitely DO work.

It's very easy to see if a vaccine works. You inject some one with the vaccine, and then you inject them with the virus it's supposed to nullify.

In the case of the flu, that is exactly what is done.

As for HIV, it's a MUCH more complicated virus. More variables = harder puzzle.

Take a rubiks cube for example. A simple 2x2cube is the easiest. A 7x7 cube is exponentially harder to solve. It's pretty well logic.

Vaccines don't inject you with "dead" viri, they are very much alive. The inject you with a small dose, mixed with antibodies to help the immune system cope with the threat.

If you get a flu shot, chances are you will feel symptoms of the flu. Only MILD symptoms for a short time. It's proven fact that when you fight off a virus your immune system becomes stronger to that particular virus.

Take exoctic snake handlers for example. They inject themselves with small doses of the toxins that could kill you in less than a minute. This builds up their immunity to the toxins, so when they DO (because it's inevitable) get bit by one of these poisonous snakes they don't die.

The same logic applies to vaccines. The only conspiracy with vaccines is making the virus seem like a bigger threat than it is.

For instance, normal influenza kills 250,000 - 350,000 people a year. H1N1 hasn't killed a single person yet. People who died while having H1N1 all had previous health issues, most cases pneumonia. Them having H1N1 wasn't the lethal health issue, them having pneumonia prior was.

Also, do you guys just believe everything you read? If you do read anything off of a website, the person who wrote it must be qualified. If they aren't qualified, then it makes it no different than if I were to open a blog and make up something super scary and claim it as fact, when I know that I am absolutely lying.

How do you guys determine what is valid and what is not when you read "conspiracies"?

The real conspiracy here, is extortion. Make somebody believe with all their brain power that they need something so they pay the premium. Money shouldn't be a primary motive to help people, helping people should be the primary motive for helping people.... we understand that if your going to dedicate your life to saving lives that you will need compensation to support your own families, but this doesn't give them the opportunity to be greedy. Killing people because they can't afford the medicine to save their life is the same as murder. This and this alone is the real conspiracy with health care.

I've gotten the flu every year of my life that I didn't have a vaccine. What say you?

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