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Default Re: The Truth About the Swine Flu Epidemic

Originally Posted by Milly View Post
Well put, BlueAngel ^_^

I dunno if all flu's are government sponsored. The H1N1 seems to almost have come at an ideal time, though, if you think about the frenzy it caused. Most people were in complete hysteria over it, while our financial system experienced a total meltdown... I would be so not surprised if in this instance this strain was fabricated.
H1N1 isn't new. It's been floating around since at least the 70's. Most people have no knowledge of H1N1, so it being called "H1N1"(when its the same swine flu from over 3 decades ago) is simply just a tactic used to scare people to give money to pharmaceutical corporations to some how "help balance" the recession.

Don't you know giving all your money to the corporations that caused the economic crisis by having all of your money in the first place is the only way to fix it?


People are sheep.

It's sort of like calling a pencil a "Lead graphite composting tool."

That is what it is, but people wouldn't understand it meant "pencil." This causes panic, as when things are outside your realm of comprehension it breeds fear.

Also, I've said it before and I'll say it again, H1N1 is LESS lethal than the common cold. Let alone the regular flu. People with H1N1 that die almost ALWAYS have a prior health risk of greater potential lethality. Once again, usually pneumonia. It's not H1N1 that kills people, it's the fact that they are already extremely ill. The only time it has ever killed anybody without prior health conditions, is when it goes untreated is poor countries. I think they have the official count set at 10. Everyone else has always had other complications.

Some people here are truly the bat shit crazies.

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