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Default Re: Obama is brainwashing America

Originally Posted by Laokin View Post
Flouride is actually much worse.

No it doesn't have a "calming" effect on people. It damages their brain. Fluoride causes irreversible brain damage that effects a person will to resist.

In short, they become push overs. They always back down from confrontation. Not only that, but it is poisonous and DOES rot teeth.

America currently fluorinates its water supply till this day despite the hundreds upon hundreds of scientific proof of the damage it does.

It was implemented first by the Nazi's under Hitler's regime. Currently we use it to supposedly purify the drinking water.

Don't believe me? Even head honcho's at the FDA have even done studies proving conclusively the damage done by fluoride and currently has people lobbying to ban the usage out right.

It's not "Mind Control" it's poison that effects a certain portion of the brain and ceases it's function -- permanently.

Not to mention, dentists still support "Fluoride" mouthwash, which is proven to strip enamel off of your teeth. Enamel is what keeps them from rotting.


It's obvious the OP refers to a rumor spread by White Supremecists. The undertones are completely racist. White people eat KFC just as much or more than black folk. KFC is currently the most expensive dollar for dollar fast food meal you can get from a chain fast food joint.

Not to mention, why would a black president need to brainwash black people to vote for him? Black people have been complaining as a whole about how unfair America is and how it needs a black president. It just doesn't make any sense, so I have to ask... are you just stupid or trolling?
Do the CONTROLLERS/ELITISTS brush their teeth with and drink water that doesn't contain fluoride?
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