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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?y the first

This is what has been shown to me, take it as you will. The Earth was young when man found her, but man did not originate here. There is much proof of this look for it and you will find it. The dna of a highly advanced human race was carried here from star beings of light consciousness. Co creators if you will, extensions of the divine creator. These star beings have had many names and have been presented in many ways by many cultures. Not to mention playing important roles in virtually ALL religious, esoteric and spiritual scriptures. Gia or mother Earth was the first volanteer by the star council of light and creation to be remanifested into a denser physical form as an expression and extension of the divine feminine. The spirit of God. This was some time before she wasdeveloped enough to give birth to her own new life. Then came the other co creators and star gods. Having created other worlds and other bodies for themselves before, they carried the dna of many different expressions of themselves with them. The idea was to upgrade the already existing constructs by combining different qualities from different humanoid species using the dna or life essence of these previous versions of themselvs. The advanced human dna that was used in our creation contained genes from more than one genetic construct or species. Other previous expressions such as Dragon like humanoids falling into sub categories ie serpent or reptillian, Tall blond hair blue eyed humanoids with elf like features, birdlike humanoids, dark skinned humans with round almond or yellow eyes and yes also apelike mammals. Some of these light beings descended to this realm in temporary bodies that where prototypes of the vehicles that reflected what the human species was suppose to become. These prototypes where in the likeness of the angels and/or the olympian gods. The project was designed by the creator and co creators to experience life energy and it's transformation through several layers of consciousness and expressions. When Earth was first physically created it did not vibrate on third dimensional frequencies. Our physical plane was what is now the sub metaphysical planes ie feiry plane and fourth dimensions between the third dimension and the spirit and dream planes of the mid and upper fourth demensions. There where animal like mammals that where guided by the light beings and aided in thier evolution to a certain point so that the dna of this advanced human race could be encoded to the dna and genetic construct of the existing primitive mammals. These beings where derect lower expressions of the star beings that created them, in face the beings incarnated themselves into thier new vehicles to create perminant bodies to present balance to Gia as Earth guardians. This is what we are suppose to be untill we where corrupted. I will finish later I must go.
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