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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

Not a simple answer. To answer this I must explain that. Since I can remember I have been visited by two distinct different parties of extradimensional origin. Since age 5 I have been frequently contacted by what I thiught in my youth was a spirit but later discoverd the being was much more. I had been in pychic contact through dreamrnig and telepathy with the beng throughmy teens. At age 15 I began meditation training and contact with the being increased. I began to see things I had never seen. My third eye as opening and dhannels of information began to flow directly through me. I had always had a thing for art and metaphysics but now my talents where increasing seemingly unaturslly. I saw auric energy, tones frequencies and coulors taking shapes and patters and interweaving with the life energy that I could see and feel around and inside of me. At the time there was another being who acompanied me in spirit as well. Together they taught me things that I could not have known or learned here in this life. I refered to the dominant being as Derek at the time though he told me that was not his true name. I saw him as a glowing gold yellow energy eminating around me and also consentrating in certain areas of my environment. He later revealed himself to Rowon, meaning the fury or the burning one n some ancient draconian translation. He has taught me much of alchemy, sorcery, and spiritualas well as physical combat. we have merged together as one being and my visionary and channeling abilities have increased signifigantlhy. I also have retained minor shapeshifting skill which I would love to prove As far as my bloodline goes I am a mut. I have some heritage that goes nback to mickmack native american culture though my mothers side they are shapeshifters branching from the Abanakiwhich are cousans and descendants of the Annunaki(ancient shapeshifters). We come from a dying breed of white light dragons. Most reptillian bloodlines are in only service to self and in alliance with the dark onesor are the dark ones. My family descends from a clan of light warriors who are in part members of the Star light Pleadians and other angelic orders. On my fathers side My blood goes into my great granpa small half cherokee but lso importantly my grandfather's scottish connection to freemasonry and well hidden behind the AMERICAN LEGION. He is one of the good ones but we know what reptillian and demonic legions lurk behind the dark mask of Freemasonry.
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