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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

Funny I just discovered David Icke a couple months ago. I have been recieving and sharing this informationfor 12 years now at age 29 in my human vehicle and never even read a catineda or Icke book til I was in my mid twenties. Never had the internet til 2004 and in fact always recieved information firtst in the form of a channel then months sometimes years later the info would be confirmed by other sources other authors or theorist ext. Mark my words and may the crator of life destroy me now if I am lying, My information pools either straight through me channeling or through direct contact of my many allies not to mention the use of certain ancient knowledge tools and techniqqes which I have not learned from any physical human and cannot mention in full. Call me a nut if you will I really don't expect any of you to believe me but trust me soon you will Bliss and light to you!
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