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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

All mental illness is caused by spiritual imbalance and failure to comprehend the changing and shifting of consciousness of an individual. Bipolar for instance is a scam by our government. Most left handed people are labeled bipolar and most bipolar peeps have keener senses and more of a connection to nature and thier emotions. Any one who doest function or percieve like the rest ofthe sheep are usually labelded with mental illness. Any one who thinks outside the box is disfunctional. Infact anyone who thinks for themselves is a threat to government and society. Psychosis is merely hiegtened levels of consciousness through opening doors in the mind and soul that we are not yet readt to open. This is not a disease its a normal funtion of evolution and we are programmed to fight it with restrictive thinking, antidepressants and drugs that make us more f7&^#ed up and more retarded. The mental health "pushers" have everyone convinced that its normal to be on antidepressants and everyones buying it. 70 percent of youth is medicated by some sort of Psychomeds. Its sad but then turn you back on the natural things and exercises and new ways of thinking and being that will actually heal instead of just medicating! Hook line and sinker! Makes me wonder if some even have eyes or minds to open. You think just because you 5 senses cant detect it it's not there? That is utterly rediculous. There is so much we don't understant and as deepas we can go still ony scrathc the surface of ultimate truth and creation. Sometimes to remember we must forget and in the process of remembering ignite a spark that causes others to remember end awaken too. And oh yea, Who the hell wants to be sane anyway. Sanity is the worst mental illness of all as eats the soul!
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