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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
In reply to Astronut, since when did suggesting that someone may be in the employ of NASA count as slander? Can't see that at all.

And why is Astronut so keen to show 'live' telescopic images of the ISS over the internet unless he was trying to prove a big point, that the ISS does actually exist in case anyone had any doubts!

I'm afraid UV light can break open every single bond known to man, organic and inorganic. Check out the photon energy levels of UV light in eV's which far exceeds all known chemical bonds in the case of far UV. UV can ionize oxygen which has a potential of 13.6 eV I seem to recall which is bigger than any bond I can think of.

Bud, your a moron. First off, you have absolutely no idea why the sky is blue. It's not "scattered light" it's refractions from water reflecting off of humidity in the air, the same humidity that makes clouds. The atmosphere is clear.

Further more, I don't work at nasa, nor am I part in any conspiracy, but even I too have seen the ISS. I got my first telescope when I was 4 was part of a college grade astronomy club when I was 8. Your uneducated and that's all there is too it.

UV breaks all bonds? Really, because we have UV light here on earth. We have man made UV lights that project dense beams of UV light. They don't break apart welds... at very most it might dry out crazy glue. Your a loony.

It's people like you that give conspiracies a bad name, because they are completely ignorant to how to partake in a formal argument. (read: debate)

Unless you present actual facts to support your theory, your theory is useless. We have actual facts that tell us ISS is there, it's not our responsibility to prove it to you, since it is true. We all know it, you people who claim it's not are the minority, so it's your responsibility to give supportive evidence as to why. Something in which you cannot do..... merely because your wrong and you refuse to accept it.

People like you spout misinformation in order to get attention. You trype like your intelligent so people who don't understand what kelvin is are inclined to take your word for it, but people who are in fact more intelligent than you realize your just babbling about incoherent nonsense.

Move on, the earth is not flat, UV doesn't break things down (I mean if it did, how do we have use of cell phones? Google Earth? Anything satellite based? If a satellite can survive surely a space station could as well. They would just make it out of satellite materials, eh?)

You propose it's a balloon. How is a balloon more sturdy than a space station?

Mmmhmmm..... This guys is a crazy.

In short, if you ever want some one to believe you, you must provide "Empirical Evidence." Unless your correct, there won't be any.
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