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Default Re: George W. Bush: The Bible Is "Probably Not" Literally True

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post

I am the voice of reason around here and, therefore, have no clue why you find blasphemy in what I have written.

I do not understand why you think one cannot believe in conspiracies and GOD at the same time.

Nor do I understand why you think that one's belief in GOD equates to religion.

The frozen water reference was a joke!

Get a clue!

Belief in god does equate to religion. If you were never taught the word "God" you wouldn't even second guess it. Believing in god weather or not you believe in an organized religion is still a religion.

Religion is the main conspiracy, it's what causes all the dysfunction in the world. Even religious people cannot deny this. A world without religion is a world of peace.

Also, I apologize for not picking up your sarcasm about the frozen water.
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