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Default Re: Is homosexuality a part of Population control?

Originally Posted by Akbar View Post
Does anyone know of any research done to compare the increase in the popularity of homosexuality and the decline in birth rates during the same period? I feel that homosexuality is not only a form of population control, but also anti-family. Entire families are broken up when a person choose this lifestyle. I know we have some rainbow people on this site maybe you can weigh in.

Yeah the increase of known homosexuals doesn't mean there are more homosexuals. It just means more people are telling people they are. Why? Because it's more acceptable then it used to be.

Homosexuality goes back to ancient Romans and before them even. You haven't clue what your talking about. I'm also pretty sure the reason for families being broken up has to do with religion and the fact that it's popular belief that the bible says being gay = hell.

The bible doesn't say that at all, but the bible does say Divorce = Hell.

I suspect religion is to blame.


I'm pretty sure they don't like being called "Rainbow People."

Oh my sister is homosexual. It didn't break up my family. Why? It's her life, and she will live it like she lives it, it nobodies place but their own to choose how they live life. It's people who impose their beliefs on other people that force non-communications.

This has nothing to do with population control as gay couples have kids too. Lesbians get artificially inseminated and have a family. Gay guy can sex up(or donate sperm to) a surrogate mother to have a child. Being gay, doesn't stop procreation smart guy.


Homosexuality is caused by a Gene in the Genome. Proven Scientific fact that homosexuality is genetic. I.E. You don't have a choice. Your born with the gene, or your not.

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