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Default Re: AIDS as a way of control: Depopulation

Originally Posted by soahc View Post
AIDS drugs kill people. They are being shipped by the crate to Africa, and forced down the throats of gay men and drug addicts. This is a phantom virus that has not been proven to be the cause of immunodeficiency.

The "republicrats" and the left agree on this...AIDS is a global emergency! What if the global emergency is really a bunch of poor people in Africa who are going to need resources. Too much of a head ache for first world nations, so why not eliminate them, massive birth control...euthanasia by medication!

And these 'social degenerates' in the U.S., where the criteria for having HIV/AIDS is entirely different then Africa, maybe they are trying to get rid of them via poisoning...AZT etc.

Magic Johnson. That is pretty much all I have to say. He should of been dead 15 years ago easy, his drugs cocktail is the only reason he is alive today. Mind you, he is just as healthy as you or me.... he just has to take about 30 pills every morning when he wakes up.

Yet, the medication kills.

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