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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
wow...guess I sure have been told.....wadda lost being you are....& for that, I am sorry for you.

& so that u r clear.....u will be ignored as being marginalized is even given you too much go ahead & reply to any comments of mine if it makes you feel any better.....wont change the facts....which are clear u have no comperehension go forth & continue to spew your hilarious spin....& censor the earth for all I care.....after all.....we need folks like you to protect us...LMAO!!!


I'm new here, but I have been around the threads already, read my fair share of responses.

Most people who post here aren't even capable of coherent English, let alone have a rational thought process.

BA, has been somewhat holding this place together as the proverbial voice of reason. I might have lashed out at him for misunderstanding one of his posts, but as far as I can tell, he is intelligent enough to convey rational though in combination with coherently structured sentences. His vocabulary is also on a higher plane then the average poster, which infers that his IQ(or his "Intelligent Quotient") is higher than most.

In laymen terms, this simply means he is one of the "smarter" posters here. With that said, I think it's him that is actually worth spending time debating -- for reasons I don't have to explain.
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