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Thumbs down Re: Conspiracy theorists, abstain from love

Originally Posted by Holiness Preacher View Post
You conspiracy theorists should be prohibited by the gov't from breeding. I cant imagine a world full of you lunatics with off spring. I think you guys are planning to repopulate the country and over run the govt. I am on to your plan.
If you are "on to our plan" doesn't that make you a conspiracy theorist. Your conspiracy theory is that conspiracy theorists are planning to repopulate the country and overrun the government. That's ironic.
That conspiracy theory makes you a conspiracy theorist yourself. A conspiracy theorist with no proof whats so ever; a conspiracy theorist with little intellect and dignity; but a conspiracy theorist nevertheless.

In conclusion since you too are a conspiracy theorist does that mean you're accusing yourself of planning to repopulate the country and over run the government?

Honestly why would anyone join a conspiracy forum to make such a ridiculous thread? You must have way too much free time on your hands.
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