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Default Re: The Steven Hawkings Conpiracy

Originally Posted by albie View Post
I've seen no evidence that he was a phony. I've seen a lot ot racialist specualtion that is weak as a swimmer's piss.

I never heard of him being a fraud, but I do know that Nikola Tesla was a brilliant man. He deserved more attention. Fucking Thomas Edison, fucking hack, not only stole the mans Idea, but then slandered the hell out of him until everybody thought he was just an entertainer.

We could be so much further in electronic technology had the credit for the light bulb gone to Tesla. He had ways of wirelessly transferring power. Something we are just figuring our how to do today. Not only are we just figuring out how to do it, he KNEW how to do it.... at long range with high enough wattage to power cities.

All with no wires.

(See cordless, plugless, cell phone chargers... or Microsoft Surface.)
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