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Default Re: The Road To Satan!!

Originally Posted by Darth Cacodaemon View Post
Who is talking about Satan? That's YOUR term for the greatest friend of humankind. Lucifer is the spirit of Enlightenment and Knowledge, whereas your little godling is the spirit of Tyranny and Ignorance.
Oh, and if your "god" is so powerful, why, pray tell, has he not killed my Master? Lucifer left Heaven to free humankind from the chains of that blind Fool you follow. He brought culture and taught us the use of metals and civilization. What did your impotent little godling try to do? Keep us ignorant animals, naked and stupid.
By the way, eventually your godling will die, as will you.

If Lucifer is more powerful than god... then I return your question. Why hasn't Lucifer vanquished god yet?

Both characters are indeed just that. Characters. You know Satan/Lucifer/Beazelbub what ever the fuck you want to call him wasn't mentioned once in the old testament?

He was created to instill fear into people. Hell was never referenced even until the new testament. If lucifer exists, why was he ill forgotten?

If you disprove one, you disprove both. There is no explanation as to why sin wasn't correlated with the devil originally. This was the sequel so to speak. They had to add a new bad guy, and a new hero. Those were both Jesus and The Devil.

Before Jesus was Joseph. Who was also born on December 25th, born from a virgin, resurrected after crucifixion etc... etc... etc...

The story is 1:1. They both were the same age, they both went from being a baby with a 20 year gap or so before they were ever mentioned again.

Get off it. All religions are fake. Written by man, created in consciousness. Get over it.
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