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Never mind you could be killed before you get that fantastic American "education" - and the Neocons call the Arabs stupid believing the (misunderstood) promises in the Quran!!!

"Why do we not require, of the military enterprise, the same kinds of warning labels that socially-responsible people insist be included on far safer products such as cigarettes and alcohol? For the sake of "truth in advertising" that so agitates people in other settings, why not include the following at the end of commercials on behalf of military service: "WARNING: service in the military could be hazardous to your health. You could be seriously wounded, maimed, or blown to pieces in a foreign land"? At the very least, mention could be made of the fact that college tuitions will not be forthcoming should the soldier not be alive to enroll in college!"

From the brilliant article <a href="">"Loving Our Children"</a> by the always excellent <a href="">Butler Shaffer</a>.
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