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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Laokin, you don't convince me one bit. Using abusive language doesn't impress me either. It reveals a sense of insecurity in my opinion.

Wow. Are you a quantum physicist? No. Not only that, but to be a quantum physicist, you first have to accept the facts that quantum physics is a theory, and only a theory.
So, quantum physics is only a theory. And what else is also only a theory Laokin, that everything NASA says is the absolute truth? Is it also just a theory that a photon that has enough energy to break a given bond can therefore break open all weaker bonds? Come on, admit I've won the point and let's move on.

I'd like you to visualize for a few moments a satellite floating in empty space and imagine that satellite slowly rotating, but rotating so slowly you can hardly see it move. In fact it is rotating exactly once every 24 hours. Now ask yourself the question, how did the engineers/scientists manage to calibrate that spin to such a degree of accuracy using nothing but gas operated thrusters? I mean a clock maker would have been slightly challenged using cogs and wheels on a fixed immoveable surface, but in empty space and in zero gravity? I don't know if you have managed to grasp the subtlety of my argument?
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