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Default Re: The Reptilian New World Order?

Funny I have a degree in psych and para psych. I have also worked in a state hospital for 2 years. I think you have misunderstood my previous post. I know that mental illness exist. Of course there are plenty of imbalanced and psychologically unsound individuals. I have worked with enough to know. Being someone who studies the mental health field first hand and deals with patients regularly I still say that orthodox treatment is a scam. What I am saying is that chemical imbalances in the brain, body and mind are merely caused by spiritual disharmony in the energy fields. These drugs they give these people do not heal or even help them to recover. SOME of them are left with the illusion of getting better because the drugs just repress or shut off the emotional responses in the brain. Then they are even more fu#@d without the meds then they ever where before. OUR GOVERNMENT IS NOT INTERESTED IN CURING ANY ILLNESS! Just treating them with drugs that repress or keep the inbalance at bay instead of using techniques actally help to heal the ind by rebalancing the fields of energy that directly correlspond to our brain and body chemistry. See I have studied shamanism also and believe it or not if applied correctly the two fields of study can succesfullywork together. Its not that these illnesses don't exist it's that they are not caused by a disease in the brain as thought by many orthodox practitioners. They ARE a function of evolution. Not everyone is strong enough to make the leap and get stuck in the middle of the transition leaving them unaware and unable to understand what they are experiencing. These are individuals who cant ell ordinary reality from the sub dimensional frequencies on other planes that they are tappin into. Like I said there is much we dont understand about the mind and brain and orthodox psych only has it half right. And I don't question my sanity at all, it's ormal dominant left brain thinking that I question. There must be a balance and even so calle sane people are extremely iimbalanced in todays world. RESTRICTIVE THINKING CAUSES RESTRICTED EXPERIENCE! And yes there is much restrictive programming involved in the teachings of our society. As far as free thinkers not being a threat, how do you explain John Lennon, Bruce Lee, JFK, Bill Hicks, Jim Morrison, Jim Hendrix, Ghandi, Martin Luthor King, And oh yeah Christ.
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