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America is the land of milk and honey.........

During visits to the states, and staying in motels, not only in the tourist traps, but also in the middle of fecking nowhere, the food they pile onto you is outrageous.

I love my food, curries, pasta, fish, meat, veg I'll eat absolutely anything and enjoy doing it, but I must say the wasted food that was given to me each time I've visited the US was just obsecene.

Maybe spun coded and capped chemicals do play a part in morbid obesity, affecting an individual's metabolic rate, maybe, those chemicals are there to trap those individuals with addictive personalities, like my posting about Cheech and Chong's Nice Dreams, maybe food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, subversive sexuality are all there to trap the bodies and the mind of the weaker elements of society.

Then again, maybe not.

Perhaps, food is so cheap in the US that people gorge themselves, maybe petrol is so cheap, they drive 5 litre obese vehicles, maybe technology is so cheap, they use communications to flash their genitila across the world at the speed of light.

If you build it, they will come. And if you provide it cheaply enough, they will come back.

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