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Default Re: December 27... U.S To Be Nuked?

This information source seems to be serious.

If this is true, the information was of course personnally transmitted in some way to G.W. Bush before appearing on the web. It could explain (among other unexpected things) the recent war of the FBI against the AIPAC (the Jewish lobby in America):

If this is true, these German people have saved the life of some hundred thousands Americans since the nuke operation has to be cancelled now.

If this is true, some people in Washington will get insomnia while waiting to be arrested.

If this is true, the pharisean "money-changers" of the City (see here: are going soon to lose their principal agents in the USA.

If this is true... 2005 could be the beginning of a planetary coalition against those who have chosen to be the enemies of the whole humanity. As sings Randy Newman: "And may all your Christmases be white..."
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