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Yes, Yeo, Americans are wasteful!! There I've said it!!
They gorge, and waste!!

The ever so 'inviting' words: "DO YOU WANNA SUPERSIZE THAT ORDER?" Sure, give me a 25-gallon drum of coke with those 5 cases of french fries.

And I agree with you as far as "to trap the weaker elements of society".

But 'they' will learn (hopefully) on their own, because FOR NOW----they don't wanna know or hear, --ya hear!!???

Certain foods are cheap, but then again today, a grapefruit (the size of an orange) is $1.00 to $1.09 depending (of course) on the grocery store.
So naturally, people will flock to those drive-thru's for those daily 99-cent burgers, and .49-cent shakes (specials) on Fridays.
The lastest campaign that 'Little Caesar's Pizza' is running is a large pepperoni pizza for only 5 bucks. You can't find a parking space after 5pm near this pizzeria. People are walking out with 3 to 5 boxes each. And the grocery store is just around the corner of this mini shopping strip.

They want it cheap, plenty and fast!!!

I've mentioned it a few times here. What have we done to ourselves? What are we doing-----PERIOD!!?
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