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Default Re: David Ickes Reptilians

Originally Posted by zacatecas View Post
Couldn't at least some people be made to see people turning into reptilians using mind control techniques? Just like possibly people have been made into believing they've had abduction-experiences (for example, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, a zionist (most likely), the president of Kalmykia, and of FIDE (world chess federation), believes to have been aboard a spaceship).

i'm not totally against a fantastical reality being possible but it seems far more likely to me that it would be a mind control trick - and perhaps people like Icke are building up towards something like that. There was the tv-show V in the 80s to pave the way for people to believe some such nonsense - just like they have used tv-shows like X-Files and almost everything else (police series to mold our attitudes towards crime and criminals etc, hospital series etc.)
It seems far more likely that the government or who ever has some sort of hidden technology or trick that can literally make someone see a reptilian then there actually being real reptilians ? Thats absolutely ridiculous. Its far more likely that theres some sort of highly advanced civilization underground that has been there for 30 maybe 40 thousand years with extremely advanced technology that gives them the ability to stay disguised as humans and mingle among us with out people being aware of it. Thats my opinion anyways. You have to really think about it for a second.. the human race is roughly 10 thousand years old maybe 20 thousand. Its the year 2009 AD and look at the technology we have today.. internet, cars, cell phones, voice recognition, TV, webcams etc and the earth is over populated.

Imagine in the year 5009 AD through speculation I would say we would have the ability to go invisible through technology, holograms, flying cars,virtual reality, mental enhancements, computers with thought recognition, communication through thought etc. The earth would also be extremely over populated. This would likely cause people to start constructing cities underground for more room. In fact its already happening, we have underground subways and all sorts of facilities underground. This is likely how the reptilian civilization progressed. There race is probably at least 30 thousand years ahead of ours. There technology is amazingly advanced, its advanced to the point of seeming magical or 'interdimensional' as Icke would put it. Also if you put some thought into it, with the proper technology life would be better underneath the surface of the earth. No danger from natural disaster or sun rays and hell of alot more room to work with. Theres a whole civilization under our feet, they toy with us monkeys for kicks. I don't think there interdimensional at all, if you have any common sense you would realise in 30 thousand years humans would be able to do amazing things that are beyond our comprehension right now like go invisible, shape-shift, read thoughts, live hundreds of years, etc.

The dinosaurs were never totally extinct, they just went underground. The truth really is literally right under your feet. I've seen reptilians in real life and I'm very aware of there abilities. There extremely intelligent, telepathic and like I've said very technological as any species would be after many years of development. There literally all around us, your room-mate could be one. Keep in mind there very good at holding there composure and they can also predict thought patterns. If your in the presence of one it will know what your going to do before you do.
Hate to admit it but my reptilian theory was a sham. Like honestly its one thing to believe in aliens but to believe in shape-shifting negative beings is just totally far fetched. I got a kick outta the replies though.
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