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I totally agree with DLL.

I would add that nowhere does it say WHY the child was behaving the way she was. I would be interested in what, if any, medication she was taking at the time and if she is taking pharmaceuticals regularly.

I think this is part of the agenda: to tell parents it's illegal to discipline your child so that when they run amok on state-administered mindaltering/behaviormodifying drugs the only thing to do is to call in police, or better still, military, as if that's the ONLY solution.

This quote though:

"But they all agreed that once police are called to a school, the situation is theirs to run."

No, DEFINATELY NOT. Surely, if one witnesses police using exessive force, especially against a child - no matter how violent - it's one's DUTY to stop the police. After all, they ARE still human beings, or they SHOULD be, and should use their <a href="">discriminating mind</a>!!!
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