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Default Fake Illuminati Pyramid Schem and Initiation - Beware!

To whom it may concern,

Dear brethren of the Order,

As you are no doubt aware by this hour and instant of October 9, 2008 Pacific Maritime Five o' Clock, there have been certain goings on by happenstance, chance, and subterfuge which pertain to a Mr Eli Rook who has been sending spam into our private message folders.

As a member of the Order, I feel that it is my duty to warn all that this is a fraud and a pyramid scheme by the Mr Rook. He is charging monies for initiation and information upon joining this supposed Illuminati order.

I myself am a 365 degree Grand Royal Ipsissimus Overlord Ubermensch of the Monarch & Spotted Owl Oasis Lodge. As such I can assure you that Mr Rook is playing the confidence man in this regard.

If any would like to join or know more about the real Order, simply private message me, and I'll send you an application that you may fill out for review by our Magistrate Inquisitor Gargantua.

Thank you,


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