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DaddyLongLeg wrote:
Okay, I’ll comment.

When I look at that picture I’m reminded of something someone once told me, and that is – Children need discipline at home otherwise they’ll receive it from the law. And, this looks like a classic case of that.

If this child was causing a disturbance in class and the teacher called the police, what choice do the police have other than to do something about it? Let’s face it, they can’t simply walk out and do nothing!

What this child needs is discipline from her parent(s) to teach her the value of security and plenty of love to reinforce the idea in her that “she is okay”.

In a society where children are taught that mum and dad have no right to discipline them the old fashion way and parents are made to feel like criminals for administering it, what should we expect?

The only problem here is with the parents and the so-called child rearing “experts”

The bottom line here is that children need a firm hand and plenty of love otherwise they become like wild animals.

What’s your view on those links Helen?
I bet you think (thought) that I personally took this as a weeping willow, looking at a helpless, little child being bullied by authorities! NOT!!!

My opinion is that the parents (and I'm going to guess) have problems. The child probably thought she is going to be tough and not do what she is supposed to do (in school at least), kind of mimicking her own parents example of poor behavior at home, in public and who knows where else!!
You would be surprised at how much of this nonsense takes place here in Pinellas County (in the news) every single day!! Some kids think that this behavior/rebellion is OK because the parent will come to their defense. Hey, mom and dad are this way!!!!!!!!!! Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!

No one wants to see handcuffs on a child. But, something tells me that this child had tendencies to do some actions alittle above that of a little, cutesy, smiley, 5-year old.

I blame the parents. I DO NOT think it had to do with medication at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The child is being raised in a free-for-all home, 'anything goes', 'no one walks over me attitude'. 'Fcuk the this and that', and 'those'.

Surely this child realized the severity/consequence of her behavior, SOMETHING (I'm sure) her parents NEVER told her about!!!
Ahhh!!! little child!!!! Ahhhh!!

Perhaps now the child will look at her parents, and her parent's hoodlum friends and neighbors, and think about what mommy and daddy DIDN'T teach her or tell her!! I think this little adult child can think along these lines!!!

She's way beyond that little 5-year old image one gets of 5 year old.

Yes, I personally think there is more to this.
And yes, the teacher had to do what she thought was 'right' to protect the other little children!!

Next thing you know, 5 year olds will pack a handgun.

And as far as parents NOT being able to discipline the child for fear of social workers knocking on their door, well, personally DLL--I'll take a stab and say that there is no love in this particular household, because if there was love--the parents wouldn't need to have those worries. But again, these parents do NOT have 'parenting' on their minds anyway.

This child does not know "to be a child", or to be loved and cared for. She is just riding the waves of life because she was given life and well, here she is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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