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Default Re: The Space Shuttle and the ISS are a Hoax!

Originally Posted by EireEngineer View Post
I never did say I was a rocket scientist. That was something you said trying to set up a straw man argument. What I did indicate was that I have a descent understanding of rocketry in general, and the operations of the space shuttle in particular. Aerospace has been a keen interest of mine since childhood, and I dare say I have picked up quite a bit of knowledge of it over the years. And as of yet I have not seen you refute the assertion that a rocket generates thrust not by pushing against air, but through the explosive ejection of matter. I also posited the mechanism for how the shuttle maneuvers in space. Both of these principles are covered in any BASIC Physics textbook, so its not exactly arcane knowledge only held by Von Braun acolytes. Go ahead and refute these if you like, but dont resort to ad hominem or strawman arguments

As for the Viking II, the Viking program sent 2 orbiters and 2 landers in the 1970s to Mars and conducted the first search for life there (hence the sample scoop).
I never set-up anything as a straw-man argument.

You have presented yourself as a ROCKET SCIENTIST and you are not.

Anyone can possess the knowledge you propose to KNOW through the reading of books, but that wouldn't qualify them as ROCKET SCIENTISTS nor does it you either.

You indicated that the Viking II program currently exists.

I suggest you employ the use of GOOGLE or read the link I have provided about the Viking II program.
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