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Default Re: Mercury In Amalgams and Vaccinations - Genocide In North America

Originally Posted by Eye-Kon View Post

Vaccinations aren't the only place people are getting mercury from. Amalgam dental fillings are also a source of mercury. Amalgams fillings are usually around 50% mercury. Mercury vapours come off the fillings everytime one eats, smokes, brushes their teeth etc. Very dangerous to have in your mouth.
No amount of mercury is a safe amount to have in your body, its the most toxic non radioactive material known to man. Yet for some reason its ok to have it right inside your mouth an inch or two away from your brain. People wonder why autism rates are through the roof... well if you haven't noticed so are vaccination rates. Autism and mercury poisoning have nearly identical symptoms. Whats 2+2 again?
First of all, the vapors seen in those now famous "amalgam filling" films is water vapor. If it was mercury vapor it would sink to the floor of the mouth due to its density.

Second of all, mercury poisoning and autism have VERY different symptoms. If you were to get a large enough dose of mercury to actually cause some level of brain impairment, you would also get all of the other symptoms as well. Common symptoms include peripheral neuropathy (presenting as paresthesia or itching, burning or pain), skin discoloration (pink cheeks, fingertips and toes), edema (swelling), and desquamation (dead skin peels off in layers).
Do you really thing the mothers and pediatritions missed their babies skin peeling off?
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