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Default Re: Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

I read this thread and decided to register just to comment on it and this is my first post. I cannot believe some of the comments made here and I'd love to get a debate going with this rushdoonie (or whatever it is) guy - are you still a member?

I loved his hypocrisy, bringing up valid points about believeing in something without 100% proof etc. I agree with his technique for finding fault in the existance of dinosaurs, very scientist-like I thought. If he were an atheist I could almost start to believe him but oh my.....when it was obvious this was all about scientists and their lies to cover up the existance of a Christian God I laughed out loud. Talk about contradicting yourself! There's substantially less evidence about God (any deity for that matter) than dinosars!

Please still be an active member, I want to debate you!
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